I have extensive experience at planning and delivering illustration and comics workshops for students of all ages. I have taught over 9,000 students and have worked in conjunction with some of the largest museums/galleries in London (The British Library, Tate and the Design Museum), arts organisations and charities (House of Illustration, Londonprintstudio), publishers (Self Made Hero, Folio Society, Bloomsbury) as a freelance educator. 

Client workshop feedback:

'I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful sessions that you did with our Y6 children.  They really have enjoyed them, produced some amazing artwork and been inspired by you. Your impact is still being felt.  This week the teachers have taught each others classes one of the sessions that you did with their class. Thank you so much for making this such a great experience for the children and staff.'

'Such a talented illustrator - and brilliant with the children! Thank  you!'

'It was thrilling, surprising and fascinating to see how enthusiastic and engaged our daughters were. It has been a wonderful way to spend the afternoon together as a family.'

'Such an organised, well explained and fun experience!'

'If you want to be creative, spend time with  your child and be facilitated by an extremely talented illustrator then you couldn't do better than attending one of Merlin's workshops.'

Had an absolutely wonderful time, thank you so much! You created a really relaxed, creative atmosphere – cannot fault the experience. We will definitely come to future workshops!’

‘So enjoyable! Made me use a part of my brain that’s not been used for a long time.’

‘Fantastic experienceMerlin is very enthusiastic – a great teacher.’

‘Absolutely fascinating. My first art lesson since leaving school – I was a bit apprehensive about attending this session but I am delighted I went out of my comfort zone! Thank you very much for your time and expertise.’

Selection of previous workshop themes include:


  • 'Heroes, Villains and Vixens' - character design in comics
  • 'Graphic Novel Masterclass' (Adults) - tour of how to create comics and the history of this 'invisible art'
  • Graphic novel masterclasses for KS2 and KS3
  • 'Inky Emotions' - illustrating emotions in comics
  • 'From Novel to Comic' - how to adapt fiction into sequential imagery.
  •  'WHAM! Create your on comic!' (Children) - high speed masterclass in comics/sequential illustration
  • 'The Vocabulary of Comics' (All ages) - the language of comic panels, speech bubbles, typography
  • 'Telling Stories in Pictures' - Using photography as starting point, creating multiple narratives through the medium of comics
  • 'Mixed Media Comics' - experimental comic making, mixing short collaborative comics in large format as well as collaging fabrics and home-made papers. 
  • 'Make a Comic in a Day' - create a one page comic or potentially the beginning of a larger project
  • 'Autobiographical Comics' - explore the boundaries between fiction and non-fiction in comic projects
  • Harold II & The Battle of Hastings - graphic novel masterclass


  •  'Blood, Guts & Body Bits' - Encyclopedia of anatomy for KS1-3
  • 'Anatomical Illustration Masterclass' - sweeping tour of the history of scientific and medical doodles
  •  'Illustrating Science' - how to draw complicated scientific concepts in an accessible way
  •  'Drawing Mini-beasts' - how to create accurate illustrations of creepy crawlies
  • 'History of Medicine' - illustration live scribe
  • Paper dissection  - anatomical puppets
  • Body Systems: split pin animation KS2


  • 'Picturing Poetry' - guide to illustrating poetry and created visuals for poetry anthologies (KS3)
  • 'Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts' - introductory workshop on the history of this craft
  • 'Love Letter Doodles' - workshop celebrating the art of the illustrated love letter
  • 'Character Design' - creating b/w photobooth and passport style illustrations of characters from huge variety of books, plays and poems.


  • 'Revolting Recipes': Illustrated Mr & Mrs Twits Recipe Book - in conjunction with House of Illustration
  • 'Mythological Monsters' - guide to illustrating Greek beasts
  •  'Capturing Movement & Dance through Illustration' - how to draw live dancers
  •  '1 ,2, 3 Drawing: A sweeping introduction to drawing technique' - Central Saint Martin's Short Course
  •  'Inkwash: Beginners Workshop' - Central Saint Martins Short Course
  •  'Drawing on location' - guided drawing workshop on key sites in London
  • 'Exquisite corpses' - family workshop creating illustrated hybrid creatures
  • 'Surrealist Collage' - creating fantastical characters using photocopies of Victorian engravings and etchings
  • 'Illustrated Mr and Mrs Twit Recipe Book' - inspired by Quentin Blake's incredible collaboration with Roald Dahl
  • 'Matchbox Suitcases: Packing for an Illustrated Adventure' - illustrated in miniature the objects you might take on a world tour!
  • 'Animal WW1 Heroes' - illustrating WW1 carrier pigeons using chalks, old fashioned envelopes and graphite.
  • 'Holocaust Memorial Day Poster Designs' - in conjunction with Camden Council.
  • 'Monoprinting Masterclass' - beginners to advanced, on wide range of subjects.
  • 'Illustrating Mood and Atmosphere' - using graphite and charcoals
  • 'Pop-Up Silhouettes' - have your portrait illustrated out of black card, life size pop-ups.
  • 'Pop-Up Illustrated Seasides' - creating 3D paper seaside streets, complete with fish and chip shops, arcades and B&Bs.
  • 'Pop-up Illustrations' - creating 3D paper fairground carousels
  • 'Pop-Up Fairy Tales' - creating three layered illustrations of popular fairy tales
  • 1960s Illustration Masterclasses - Warhol, Riley, Lichtenstein, and Haring 
  • Optical Illusion Illustrations
  • Book Illustration: Layout and Design
  • Illustration on Location: The Role of Public Art
  • Character Design
  • Mood & Atmosphere
  • GCSE & A Level masterclasses in Illustration

I have taught/run workshops, short courses and lectures for the following clients: 

  • Latitude Festival
  • Camp Bestival
  • Pop-Up Children's Literary Festival
  • Islington Word Festival
  • House of Illustration
  • Central Saint Martins
  • University of the Arts London (UAL)
  • Queen Mary University
  • The British Library
  • The Design Museum
  • Sir John Soane's Museum
  • Walpole Park
  • Hackney Museum
  • Gunnersbury Museum
  • Salisbury and Wiltshire Museum
  • Epping Forest County Museum
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital
  • The Royal Free Hospital
  • Harley Street Clinic
  • Stafford County Hospital
  • Kaizen Partnership
  • Spotlight
  • Green Shoes Arts
  • Lots of Primary and Secondary schools across London!